my life

Oh, how I loved creating beautiful messes even as a child.

Hello, I’m Jennifer Coté, the humble voice behind this little blog…

Growing up in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, I dreamed of becoming an opera singer/figure skater/magical empress, until one day I realized my true passion was simply for storytelling. For as long as I could remember I’d scribbled down elaborate stories in journals or woven tales aloud for my two younger sisters at bedtime, and I’m now so honored to share my stories with you.

Although I spent my childhood on the East Coast, I lived in Texas for seven years (where I worked as a bartender and honky-tonk cocktail waitress) and I now reside in California. I work as a screenwriter and producer by day, and spend every other waking hour snuggling with my husband and dog, composing love notes to you on the internet, and writing my very first novel. Here are just a few posts about my life that I think you might enjoy: