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Dapper Birthday

Me and my pup on his first birthday - isn't he dapper?

Speaking of milestones, today was my pup’s first birthday and I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a hyperactive play date at the dog park, then came home for an evening of peanut-butter cupcakes and posing for photos with his new bow tie. Yeah, I’m just that kind of proud mama who can’t resist sharing her puppy’s dapper mug with you right now on the off chance that it helps make your day a little sweeter. Claude has truly sweetened my life over the past year, after all, and I feel so grateful that I have his bouncy energy and exploratory, nudgy, wet nose prodding at me to play with him at the end of every long day…Wishing everyone smiles and contentedness the likes of which I feel when I look into Claude’s tired, puppy-dog eyes as I type. Sweet dreams of bow ties and cupcakes to all!

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