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Hipster's Guide to Indifferent Exercise, Sweet Nothings

Coffee In Motion

In reality this girl is running a marathon, but see how motionless the coffe cup makes her look?

Indifferent exercise tip of the week: Carry a paper cup of coffee on your power walk, and you will look infinitely less active. In fact, studies show that people in tight jeans holding a big paper cup give off the appearance of standing completely still.** Not still enough to actually be made of marble, though, so you won’t look like you’re trying to win a contest for who can freeze the most like an Italian statue. After all, the life of a hipster is not as full of lame, faux artistry as the challenges of America’s Next Top Model. On the contrary, the life and exercise of a hipster is poetry in motion. When done properly all the motion is secret, of course, and this makes you a caffeinated, calorie-burning, ninja poet.

**Who does these studies? I don’t know, and I don’t care.  Studies are lame. Do you think studies and exercising are lame? Leave a comment.

Photo from Feelings Might Surface via Pinterest.