Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am very pleased to meet you.

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, where I spent my childhood singing, figure skating and trying exceptionally hard to avoid homework. Despite this distaste for spelling bees and multiplication tables, I earned my BA in English literature from Mount Holyoke College and my MFA in screenwriting from The University of Texas at Austin. Along the way, I have worked as a Hooters waitress, bartender, nightlife columnist, speechwriter and basically every kind of writer that pays the bills, but I am now committed solely to writing screenplays and fiction.

Most recently, I served as the writer/producer on set for the entire first season of USA Network's original series EYEWITNESS. Before that, I got my start in film by writing coverage for Richard Linklater and by working as an assistant to the executive producer/showrunner on NBC’s hit series Shades of Blue, starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta.

An author of short-story collections, numerous pilots and feature-length screenplays, and a young-adult series that hasn’t quite finished writing itself yet, I currently live with my husband and our puppy in Hollywood.

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