I was the writer/producer on set for the entire first season of EYEWITNESS on USA Network, a Sunday 10 p.m. show that premiered on October 16, 2016. I worked on the series from the early stages of development through the end of post-production and marketing, and I could not possibly be more proud of the diversity represented in the show. EYEWITNESS is the first mainstream American show to feature two LGBTQ teens at its center, and the cast showcases an abundance of strong women and minorities with deep, suspenseful storylines that prompted The Advocate to call it “TV’s best new show.”


I am the proud writer and executive producer of this psychological thriller about two chefs in love who duke it out over food, insanity, and the age-old question, "Is my husband going to kill me?" We completed post production on this short film in June 2012 after a successful crowdfunding campaign on IndiGoGo. It debuted to great reviews in screenings around Austin, Texas. You can now watch the deliciously chilling trailer and the whole entrée of CONSUMED online.


This supernatural horror script geared toward teen audiences was one of five finalists nominated for "Best Screenplay" at the 2011 Burbank International Film Festival and is one of three finalists for "Best Horror Screenplay" at United Film Festival - Los Angeles. It also earned recognition from Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope screenwriting competition. I am currently in talks to produce this original, feature-length screenplay, so contact me for the most up-to-date news.

Burbank 2011 Official Selection

This spec script of the FX show "Sons of Anarchy" made it to the final rounds of the Slamdance Film Festival and the 2011 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. The episode's log line is as follows: "The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club works a funeral-escort gig, but when the corpse is stolen they find themselves in over their heads with a mysterious woman and a ritualistic drug-running ring. Meanwhile, on the sweet streets of Charming Gemma takes drastic measures to ensure Tara keeps the secret of John Teller’s murder."

Burbank 2011 Official Selection

I co-wrote this short film with Director Erin Randall, and it is a visually stunning 14-minute film based on the true story of one young woman's close encounter at the famous Chicken Ranch back in 1950s Texas. The work debuted in May of 2011 in Austin, Texas.

Just Us Chickens

This feature-length fantasy script is aimed at young-adult/family audiences, and centers on chocolate, one very fishy murder, and the mystery of human cravings. It garnered accolades from the 2009 Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.

Austin Film Festival